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An affirmative vote of a simple majority of members present and voting shall be necessary for the passage of any motion, except in such instances as the law or other policies of the School Board may require a larger vote.  Every member present, including the President, shall be entitled to one vote.


A member of the School Board may abstain from voting on an issue before the School Board, whereby his/her vote shall be counted neither for nor against the issue voted upon.  In such cases the School Board member shall state that he/she abstains from voting and the minutes shall reflect the member’s abstention.


All voting shall be by voice, or by show of hands, or electronic voting device; a roll call vote may be requested by any member and/or ordered by the President, with the vote of each member recorded in the minutes.  On voice votes, the name of each member voting ”r;nay” shall be recorded in the minutes upon his/her request.  There shall be no representation by proxy of any members of the School Board at any meeting of the School Board, including committee meetings.  All members present are authorized to speak on issues, offer and second motions, and vote.


Reconsideration of action shall be according to Robert’s Rules of Order, with the exception that matters voted on by the School Board shall not be brought up for reconsideration more than once during the calendar year except by a two-thirds () vote of the School Board.


No action shall be taken by the School Board except as taken above at a properly called regular or special meeting.



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§17:81, 18:602, 42:14, 42:1120


Monroe City School Board