The principal, as agent for the Monroe City School Board in overseeing the affairs of the school of which he/she has been placed in charge, shall be responsible for the organization, administration, and the supervision of the school, and in turn he/she shall be responsible to the Superintendent and/or designee.


The principal is the educational leader of the school.  He/she should be alert to opportunities to improve the instructional program, to foster the professional growth among teachers and employees, to work for the best interest of the students and faculty, and to maintain good relations with the school's community.  The Board considers supervision one of the most important duties of the principal.  The principal shall be responsible for evaluating the efficiency of all school personnel, and making recommendations to the Superintendent for tenure, transfers, promotions, or dismissals.


The principal shall be responsible for the disciplining of students in accordance with statutory provisions and Board directives.  In discipline cases where discretion is authorized, the principal shall exercise his/her best judgment so as to protect the educational integrity of the school and educational environment.  In addition, principals, and teachers, shall be expected to take reasonable precautions and care to promote the safety and well-being of all students and employees, and the security of all facilities.  In addition to supervisory responsibility, the principal shall also have administrative responsibility regarding the fiscal affairs of the school, and shall discharge his or her responsibilities prescribed by state law for the maintenance of a school fund, oversight and recording of transactional activities associated with the fund and reporting requirements prescribed by state law and Board policy.


The principal, at the request of a teacher, shall be required to investigate and resolve situations in which the teacher reasonably believes that an imminent danger exists of hazards that cause or may likely cause serious injury or death of the teacher or teachers.


The principal shall be required to attend principals' meetings called by the Superintendent.



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Monroe City School Board