The Monroe City School Board shall furnish all persons authorized to sign checks or warrants drawn against the school funds a surety bond in an amount to be determined by the School Board, but which shall be not less than $15,000, for the faithful performance of their duties.


The School Board treasurer shall give an indemnity bond in such sum as may be determined by the Board, made in favor of the Governor or his/her successors in office and the Board, and the Board shall pay the premium of said bond.


All bonds purchased by the School Board made in favor of the Board shall include coverage for faithful performance of duties as well as coverage for faithful performance of duties against loss sustained by the Board through fraudulent or dishonest act committed by any of the bonded employees.  All bonds purchased by the Board shall be from an insurance company licensed to do business in Louisiana.



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยงยง17:95, 17:97


Monroe City School Board