Salaries for professional personnel shall be paid according to the salary schedule established by the State plus added increments approved by the Monroe City School Board.  All other employees shall be paid according to a salary schedule formulated by the School Board for their position or category of employee.  Such a schedule shall take into consideration skill level and years of experience.




The salaries of all permanent employees shall be distributed over twelve (12) months, regardless of employment period.  Payroll shall be issued in twelve (12) equal installments, and distributed according to the annual payroll schedule.  The annual payroll schedule shall be prepared and determined by the district’s school calendar and the scheduled monthly Minimum Foundation Program payments received from Louisiana Department of Education.  Employees who join the school system during the school year shall have their salaries pro-rated accordingly.


Employees shall receive payment by direct deposit deposited on the scheduled payday. It is the employee's responsibility to provide all necessary deposit information, including a voided check, and/or provide any other needed deposit information to the payroll department.  The employee shall be responsible for notifying the payroll department immediately of any changes in account status.




Changes in taxes or payroll deductions must be on the appropriate form and must be received by the personnel department to change the amount being deducted.  Cancellations in payroll deductions shall only be by written notification from the employee.  Changes sent directly to insurance companies shall not be effective until the change notification is received by the personnel department.


All payroll changes concerning salary deductions for federal taxes, local taxes, group insurance and other miscellaneous payroll deductions must be received by the personnel department at least ten (10) working days prior to the last working day of the month.  Otherwise, such changes shall not be effective until the following month.


No check shall be written for any regular or substitute employee until the personnel department receives the minimum information of:  name, address, and social security number.  If no W-4 form is received for federal and local taxes, the taxes to be withheld shall be at the single rate with no dependents.


Checks for Other than Salary


Stipends, summer school pay, overtime, and any other pay outside of normal salaries shall be paid as follows:


If the time sheet, or substitute form, with appropriate signatures, is received by the payroll department in accordance with the annual payroll schedule, then a payroll check will be issued on the appropriate scheduled payday.


If the time sheet, substitute form, or other documentation, with all appropriate signatures is received by the business office by the last working day of the month, payment shall be made two (2) weeks after the last working day of the month.


Lost Checks/Incorrect Deposit Instructions


If a check was lost as a result of the employee failing to notify the central office of a change of address or other employee negligence, or lost by a postal system, the employee shall receive a replacement check within the next five (5) working days.  If there was an administrative error or Direct Deposit comes back with an error, the employee shall receive an immediate replacement check.




Teachers separating from the Monroe City schools at the close of the school session may request in writing that they receive full payment for their services.   Otherwise, they shall continue to receive their payment on a monthly basis during June, July, and August.


Teachers separating from the school system during the school year shall receive payment in full for their services on or before the next regular payday or no later than fifteen (15) days following the date of termination, whichever occurs first.


Revised:  October, 2011



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§17:81, 23:631

Board minutes, 1-24-12


Monroe City School Board