The Monroe City School Board shall require a district-wide program of safety for the school district to be developed and maintained in order to render the school environment as hazard-free as possible.  Provisions of the safety program shall be in compliance with all state and federal guidelines.   All available information and assistance shall be utilized to enhance the safety of the school district.


The School Board recognizes that the responsibilities for the health and safety of students, staff, and visitors are shared with all of its employees.  The School Board accepts the responsibility, as employer, for leadership of the safety and health program, for its effectiveness and improvement, and for providing the safeguards required to ensure safe conditions.


Supervisors and principals shall be responsible for developing the proper attitudes towards safety and health for themselves and in those they supervise, and for ensuring that all operations are performed with the utmost regard for the safety and health of all personnel involved, including their own.


Employees are responsible for wholehearted, genuine cooperation with all aspects of the safety and health program, including compliance with all rules and regulations, and for continuously practicing safety while performing their duties.




As part of the safety program, the School Board shall require regular inspections by the building administrator/principal or his/her designee, of the buildings and grounds of each facility, school, and the submissions of periodic evaluation reports concerning the adequacy of school buildings in terms of students and employee care and safety.




It shall be the responsibility of the school or the facility administrator to schedule and implement employee first aid programs that shall provide trained first aid persons at each site. Laboratory instructors, coaches, vocational and shop instructors, cafeteria personnel and maintenance department personnel should undergo first-aid training and continue to maintain their first-aid certification.


A complete first-aid kit shall be placed and maintained in all potentially hazardous areas, such as shops, labs, cafeterias, janitors' rooms, and physical education departments.  At least one individual at the school/facility shall be properly trained in first aid and shall be responsible for upkeep of the kit’s supplies.  A log sheet shall be kept at each job site, and all first-aid treatment shall be logged to show the date, name of employee, job title, and reason for treatment and the first-aid service provided.




Records of accidents and injuries are essential to an efficient and successful loss control program.  They provide a means for gauging frequency and severity areas of operation for providing information concerning the cause of loss.  Therefore, the Monroe City School Board shall require adequate accident and safety records.



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Louisiana Handbook for School Administrators, Bulletin 741, Louisiana Department of Education


Monroe City School Board