The Monroe City School Board believes naming a school is a matter of great importance.  The Board shall not be influenced in its decision by personal prejudice or favoritism, political pressure, or temporary popularity in choosing a name.  No school, school building, or school organization shall be named after any living person.  However, a street that is maintained by the School Board and that is not a state or federal highway, or any existing athletic facilities at a school within the Board’s jurisdiction may be named in honor of a living person.


The Superintendent shall be responsible for soliciting names from staff, students, and the community and shall prepare procedures to follow in naming school properties.  These procedures may include a timetable for the naming process in order to lessen any community or factional pressures which may build up when a selection is delayed or seems uncertain.


Revised:  December, 2012



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§17:81, 17:85, 42:267

Board minutes, 7-5-83, 3-12-13


Monroe City School Board