A dynamic and efficient staff dedicated to education is necessary to maintain a constantly improving educational program.  Through its personnel policies, the Monroe City School Board shall establish a school environment that will attract and maintain the best-qualified person whose mission shall be to provide the best possible learning opportunities for the students enrolled in the Monroe City Public Schools.


The long-range goals on which these policies shall be based are:


  1. To recruit, select, and employ the best qualified personnel to staff the district’s schools.

  2. To provide staff compensation and benefit programs sufficient to attract and retain qualified employees.

  3. To provide an in-service training program for all employees to improve their performance.

  4. To conduct an employee appraisal program that will contribute to the continuous improvement of staff performance.

  5. To assign personnel to ensure that they are used as effectively as possible.

  6. To develop the quality of human relationships necessary to obtain maximum staff performance and a high level of job satisfaction.


Policy development must be approached with attitudes of mutual trust and respect.  Cooperation and participation of the district’s employees, the administration, and the Board are essential in the formulation of personnel policies.


Monroe City School Board