Staff members are expected to regard each student as an individual and to accord each the rights and respect due any individual.  Neither insults, disparaging names, nor sarcasm shall be used as a way of forcing compliance with a staff member’s requirements or expectations.


Students shall be expected to regard staff members as individuals, employed to direct learning.  Students shall be required to respect the rights of staff members and other students.  No students shall have the right to interfere with the efforts of instructional staff to coordinate or assist in learning, to disseminate information for purposes of learning, or to otherwise impede the instructional program.


Romantic or sexual advances toward students by employees or romantic or sexual relationships between school system employees and students are never appropriate; whether or not they are consensual or otherwise outside the definition of sexual harassment.  Employees engaging in inappropriate relationships with students shall be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.


Monroe City School Board