The Monroe City School Board shall prohibit employees from accepting or soliciting any gift, favor, service, or other benefit that could reasonably be construed to influence the employee’s discharge of assigned duties and responsibilities.  An employee who believes he or she has or may have a conflict of interest with this policy shall disclose the interest to the Superintendent or designee, who shall take whatever action is necessary, if any, to ensure that the school district’s best interests are protected.




Employees shall be prohibited from recommending, endorsing, or requiring students to purchase any product, material, or service in which they have a financial interest or that is sold by a company that employs the school district employee during non-school hours.  Professional employees shall be prohibited from recommending or requiring students to purchase a specific brand of school supplies if there are other brands that are equal and suitable for the intended instructional purpose.




Employees shall be prohibited from using their positions with the district to gain entrance to a home within the school district or to obtain an audience with any district resident for the purpose of attempting to sell products or services.




The Monroe City School Board shall prohibit, during a regular school day, any person, agent, representative, or salesman from soliciting or attempting to solicit, sell, or explain any article of property, or from propositioning any teacher or student of any school on school grounds, without having first secured permission and consent from the Superintendent and principal of the school.


The Superintendent shall be authorized to develop and maintain pertinent regulations governing solicitations to, and fund-raising activities conducted by, faculty members and students in all schools.



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§17:81, 42:1111, 42:1112, 42:1113, 42:1115


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