As a public body the Monroe City School Board administers public funds and occupies a position of public trust.  Such a position of public trust demands that, in the performance of his/her duties, every employee of the system should exercise great caution to avoid possible conflicts of interest and any business, professional or financial relationship which, as it relates to his/her employment, may give the appearance of impropriety. 


No employee should accept any outside employment or any proffered gift or loan which will in any manner adversely affect the proper discharge and performance of his/her duty and responsibility to the public school system.


No employee should use his/her position of employment or exercise his/her influence therein so as to secure any contract involving an expenditure of public funds to any partnership of which he/she is a member or to any corporation in which he/she is a stockholder, officer, director or employee or to any other person or firm from whom or which he/she drives a pecuniary benefit.


This policy is designated chiefly to serve as guide for employees to avoid possible conflicts between their employment and outside interests.  In those situations where doubt may exist as to the propriety of certain relationships or activities, employees are encouraged to make a full disclosure of the facts to the Superintendent prior to entering such relationships or engaging in such activities.  In addition, employees shall not:


  1. Use institutional privileges for private gain.

  2. Solicit or receive compensation, other than that allowed by law, for performance of his/her duties.  This precludes, among other things, acceptance of any gratuities, gifts, or favors that might impair or appear to impair professional judgment; and any personal dealings with any individual or entity with whom he/she, on behalf of the Board, has any direct or indirect contact for purposes of obtaining from such individual or entity, noncompetitive contracts, services, or materials.

  3. Knowingly authorize or employ the authority or influence of his/her office to secure authorization of any public contract in which he/she, a member of his/her family, or any of his/her business associates has an interest.

  4. Offer any favor, service, or thing of value to obtain special advantage.

  5. Permit commercial exploitation of his/her professional position.

  6. Engage in selling any of the following merchandise or services for personal profit to students or parents in the attendance area served by the schools in which they work:  instructional supplies and equipment; reference books; educational tours.

  7. Furnish lists of students or parents to anyone selling such material or services.


Employees shall use time granted for leave, planning and workshops for the purpose for which it is intended.



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยงยง17:81, 42:1112, 42:1115, 42:1115.1, 42:1116


Monroe City School Board