The Monroe City School Board shall strive to furnish a workplace free of recognized dangers or hazards that may cause serious injury or death.  Any employee who reasonably and in good faith believes that imminent danger exists, may request the principal to investigate and resolve the situation.  If the employee is not satisfied with the response to such request, the employee may request the Superintendent to investigate and resolve the situation.  The Superintendent shall notify the School Board and undertake to resolve the situation within six (6) months of the request.


The Superintendent and/or his/her designee shall take such action as is reasonably necessary to avoid, correct or remove such danger as exists and prevent employees from being exposed or subjected thereto.




Employees shall take reasonable and necessary action to protect themselves from immediate impending assault, but the employee must also use appropriate measures to avoid assault.  Should an employee be assaulted either on school grounds or while on school-related business:


  1. The employee shall report the assault or see that the assault is reported to his/her supervisor as soon as possible after the event.

  2. The supervisor shall assist in (1) having appropriate medical attention be given and/or arranged for; (2) making sure the assault is reported and/or filed with the appropriate police agency; and (3) reporting the incident to the Assistant Superintendent so insurance procedures can be initiated.

  3. The incident shall be reported to the school attorney by the Superintendent or a designee.


The Monroe City School Board may arrange a conference with the school attorney.  If a conference is conducted, the attorney shall provide the employee with information and/or direction in regard to (a) filing the complaint with the proper authority; (b) criminal trial procedure; and (c) the availability of civil remedies.


An employee assaulted while on duty shall be entitled to appropriate workers’ compensation and other benefits.  In addition, any teacher who is injured or disabled while acting in his/her official capacity as a result of assault or battery by any student or person shall receive appropriate sick leave benefits based on proper certification from a licensed physician of the injury.



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §17:81


Monroe City School Board