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Quality education begins with a safe school environment.  The presence of firearms or any dangerous weapon on school campuses or at school-sponsored events presents unnecessary opportunities for students, employees, parents, and others to be seriously injured. 


Employees of the Monroe City School Board shall be prohibited from bringing firearms, dangerous weapons, or any instrument intended or likely to produce great bodily harm, or any sort of instrument or object which may be used in any way as a weapon, onto school campuses or to school-sponsored events or on a school bus.  Employees who violate this prohibition shall be considered as willfully neglecting their duties and shall be subject to disciplinary action against them, up to and including termination.  Others who violate this policy shall be subject to expulsion from School Board property.


This policy is not intended to prevent firearms from being brought to school for educationally-related purposes, such as ROTC training, props for drama presentations, gun safety classes, etc.  The provisions of this policy shall also not apply to law enforcement officers or school resource officers on school property.  For purposes of this policy, the term firearm is defined to include both instruments which propel shot by the action of gunpowder (i.e., rifles, shotguns) and instruments which propel shot by the action of air (i.e., pellet guns, BB guns).




It is unlawful for an employee to intentionally possess a firearm on school property or within 1000 feet of school property, with limited exception, or while on a school bus.  The area surrounding the school campus or within 1000 feet of any such school campus, or within a school bus shall be designated firearm-free zones.  The School Board, in cooperation with local governmental agencies, and the Louisiana Department of Education, shall designate and mark firearm-free zones which surround all schools and school property. 



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