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The Monroe City School Board delegates to the Superintendent or his/her designee the assignment of all teachers, administrators, supervisory personnel, and other employees of the Board to their respective positions and/or schools upon employment. The principal shall have the authority to determine the placement of all teachers or other personnel at the school in which the principal is employed, subject to the approval of the Superintendent.  Personnel shall be assigned on the basis of performance, effectiveness, and qualifications applicable to each position.


In order to avoid conflicts of interest, or the appearance of same, it is the desire of the Board that employees not be assigned to a position that would require that employee to be directly supervised by an immediate family member.  The above provision, however, does not apply, in accordance with statutory provisions, to an immediate family member of an athletic director of a school, which may employ an immediate family member as a coach where he/she is athletic director.  Immediate family members include the person’s children, the spouses of the person’s children, the person’s brothers and their spouses, the person’s sisters and their spouses, parents, spouse, and the parents of the person’s spouse.


For purposes of this policy, principals shall be considered to directly supervise all programs operated at their school; therefore no immediate family member of any principal shall be employed to work in any program operated at his/her school.  Also, any department head shall be considered to directly supervise all operations in the department. 


Quotas and Allocations of Professional Positions


Quotas and Allocations of positions for the school system and allocations of professional positions for each school or educational program shall be determined on the basis of such factors as enrollments, educational programs and available resources.  The assignment and reassignment of employees to meet the established allocations of positions for individual schools or educational programs shall be implemented in a positive constructive manner.


The appointment of principals and assistant principals, and the assignments of teachers, paraprofessionals and other staff personnel who work directly with students shall be assigned in such a manner, given the percentage of such white and black school-site personnel within the employ of the school district, so in no case shall the racial composition of a school’s staff indicate that a school is intended for white or black students.


Building Staff Adjustments


Principals have the delegated responsibility for initiating recommendations relative to the request for additional teachers or the transfer or termination of assigned teachers.  Major emphasis shall be placed upon maintaining a racially and educationally balanced staff to meet the needs of individual school communities.




The principal shall be responsible for assigning teachers to classes within his/her respective school.  Except in extenuating circumstances, the principal shall notify teachers of their anticipated assignment for the school year prior to the opening of school. Teachers who wish to request reassignment for the subsequent school year may do so provided such request is submitted prior to the close of the school year.  Principals shall give every reasonable consideration to teacher requests for assignment to a particular grade level and/or subject area for which a teacher is certified and qualified.


A teacher shall be notified by the principal of any change in assignment as soon as reasonably possible.


Revised:  June, 2012



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§17:81, 42:1119

Board minutes, 3-12-13


Monroe City School Board