The Monroe City School Board recognizes that employees shall be expected to sometimes perform duties above their regular responsibilities.  Activities and services that make demands on the teacher’s time (such as student registration, attendance-keeping and record-keeping, reporting to parents, supervision of students, and the request for, care of, and accounting for instructional materials) shall be part of each teacher’s assignment.  It is also recognized that student clubs, school papers, yearbooks, athletics, and supervision of playgrounds, school buses and other activities under the supervision of the school are and should be a shared responsibility of the whole faculty. Principals/immediate supervisors may designate both professional and support personnel to perform such duties from time to time and establish the times at which such duties shall be performed.  Such assignment of duties shall be spread equitably among the various members of the school staff. 


All professional personnel shall be subject to attendance at any regular Board and committee meetings wherein topics reasonably related to their job responsibilities may be addressed, as may be requested by appropriate authorities.



Ref:     La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §17:81


Monroe City School Board