The Monroe City School Board shall require an effective program for selecting, training and assigning all substitute teachers.  The Office of Human Resources shall maintain a list of qualified substitute teachers who may be called to replace regular teachers who are absent.  In order to be approved as a substitute teacher with the Monroe City School Board, all persons must submit a formal application which includes verification of the highest education level achieved.  Verification can include:


  1. A copy of a valid teaching certificate; or

  2. An official transcript verifying a bachelor’s degree; or

  3. A copy of a high school diploma or transcript; or

  4. A copy of a GED certificate.


Completion of a GED shall be accepted as a minimum education to qualify as a substitute teacher provided that the GED certificate is issued by the Louisiana Department of Education or the applicant can verify that he/she attended an adult education program in another state.


No person shall be considered for approval as a substitute teacher unless:


  1. He/she is present at the annual training workshop.

  2. All documentation of education has been approved by the Office of Human Resources.

  3. A local background check is received and deemed as having no deficient record.

  4. Fingerprinting has been completed and submitted for the required criminal background check.  Once received, it must be verified as to having no deficient record.

  5. Completion of form requiring information of any previous sexual misconduct or other incidents, to be submitted to all former employers.

  6. A copy of his/her Social Security card and current driver’s license on file.


Qualified substitute teachers may also be selected for teachers who plan to be absent for an extended period of time.  A substitute teacher employed for ten (10) consecutive days in the same position shall be considered to be a long-term substitute on day eleven (11).  Provisions shall be made for hiring applicable substitute teachers in these instances as developed by the Superintendent and staff.


Compensation paid to substitute teachers shall be based upon the degree status of the substitute in accordance with a pay schedule as set by the School Board. Substitute teachers shall be paid only for the actual days taught and shall not acquire any rights accruing to a regular teacher.  Substitute teachers shall not be eligible for any local salary enhancements, health or other benefits of the school system.


A substitute who is employed for a portion of the day shall receive a minimum of half the daily rate of pay.  Long-term substitutes shall be paid at the rate established by the School Board commencing with day eleven (11) in the same position.  In the instance of a certified teacher selected to substitute in a long term position, the increased rate of pay shall begin with the first day provided the certificated teacher is substituting for a teacher on an approved extended leave of absence.


Any school employee whose job does not require a teaching certificate who performs work as a substitute teacher for more than a single class period shall be compensated for that time at the rate of a substitute teacher.  The principal or his/her designee shall authorize the school employee to act as a substitute teacher prior to the employee’s participation in the classroom as a substitute, and shall verify the hours as a substitute teacher for payroll purposes.




In order to qualify as a certified bus operator substitute, individuals must meet the following standards:


  1. Completion of an annual physical examination, the results of which indicate a satisfactory health condition;

  2. Possession of a valid Commercial Driver’s License (CDL);

  3. Satisfactory completion of all pre-service certification requirements.


A list of approved certified bus operator substitutes shall be maintained by the Transportation Manager.  All substitute bus operators are assigned by the Transportation Manager as needed.


A substitute bus operator may only be used as a temporary resource until a permanent operator can be appointed to a route.  A substitute operator may not drive a route for a period that exceeds the end of the school year during which the operator began driving the route. 


A substitute bus operator shall be paid a daily rate as approved by the School Board, but in no case less than sixty-five percent (65%) of the daily rate of pay being paid the regular bus operator to be computed by dividing the annual pay of the regular operator by the number of school days in the regularly scheduled session.  The substitute pay for an operator driving in the morning or afternoon, but not both, shall be paid half the full regular substitute pay. 




Substitutes for the School Food Services (SFS) and Custodial departments shall be selected from a list generated from applications approved through the Human Resource Department.  Once approved, the names shall be submitted to the secretaries of these departments, who shall notify each cafeteria manager and building supervisor in the schools.  The list of eligible substitutes shall be updated as needed.


These substitutes shall be compensated using the current minimum wage amount.  Only those substitute workers in each department shall be considered for new positions in SFS as vacancies occur. 


At the end of each school year, a letter shall be sent to all approved substitutes to update their personal data information for the upcoming school year.


Revised:  July, 2012

Revised:  September, 2014



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Board minutes, 3-12-13, 12-16-14


Monroe City School Board