The Monroe City School Board  is committed to excellence and believes that education should provide the guidance, effective instruction and academic experiences every child needs for achievement, recognition, security, love and affection.  The Board further believes that the schools should provide each student with the opportunity to develop his/her greatest potential academically, socially and physically in order to contribute to society, to function creatively within his/her environment and to participate in the democratic process of our nation.


Concurrently, the Monroe City School Board believes that the primary goal of education is to help young people develop a positive personal concept while they cultivate a deep interest in their own personal worth and gain an understanding of themselves so that they can live effectively in this highly technological age.


The Board also believes that educational experiences should allow for student achievement through curricula which are continuously evaluated and validated to provide for the individual student no matter what the student’s capabilities.


The Board further believes that the educational process within the school district is a partnership which involves parents, educators and the community working together to provide the very best educational experiences for our youth through cooperative mutual endeavors which will ultimately produce healthy, happy well-educated (well-rounded) children.



Ref:     Board minutes, 11-5-85


Monroe City School Board