The Monroe City School Board, recognizing that problems may arise at school, shall require that student concerns, complaints or grievances be registered with the principal or building administrator or his/her designee.  For the discussion and consideration of grievance, any student or group of students should request a meeting time and place of the school principal.  One faculty member of the student’s choice may be present at such meetings.  Such time and place shall be designated immediately upon request.


The purpose of discussion and appeal procedures is to provide a forum through which trivialities, irresponsible actions, and non-related school issues are conveyed.  In this context it is recommended:


  1. That as many student problems and concerns as possible be handled through committees established by the student council or through direct communication with a staff member.

  2. That only issue of utmost concern will be brought before a student-faculty committee for review and disposition.

  3. That only unresolved issue of major importance will be appealed to the school administration for consideration and action.


If a grievance is not satisfactorily resolved after meeting with the principal, a student or group of students shall follow the same procedures outlined in policy GAE, Non-Title IX Grievance Procedures, for further consideration of their grievance.


Monroe City School Board