The Monroe City School Board shall direct all regular news releases to originate in the central office to deliver information to the public about the school system.  The Board President or the Superintendent shall be the official spokesperson for the Board to inquiries of the news media.  The Board President may designate another person as official spokesperson.  Only the Board President, Superintendent, or designated official spokesperson shall be authorized to issue official statements on behalf of the Board.  All representatives of the media, newspapers, and radio stations shall be notified that official statements from the   Monroe City School Board shall come from the President of the Board, the Superintendent or the official spokesperson.  Individual members who choose to make statements to the press do not necessarily represent views of the entire Board.


Information concerning any present or foreseeable emergencies shall be transmitted to all Board members as necessary.  The Board shall recognize the Superintendent as the sole spokesperson of the Board and School District during any emergency.  Questions for information shall be directed to the Superintendent or his/her designee.


Monroe City School Board