Title 3. Agriculture and Forestry

Chapter 20. Louisiana Pesticide Law

Part VIII. School Pesticide Safety


3:3386     Application of pesticides by certified commercial applicator


A. No person shall apply or supervise the application of any herbicide, rodenticide, insecticide, or restricted use pesticide, on a non-fee basis for grass and weed control, and rodent and general pest control in, on, or around structures or grounds of schools that provide education to pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade classes, unless that person is a certified commercial applicator or is under the supervision of a certified commercial applicator as provided in R.S. 3:3242 and the rules and regulations adopted thereunder. Such certified commercial applicator shall be trained in integrated pest management that includes but is not limited to pest prevention, least toxic methods of pest control, and applying pesticides judiciously. Training material shall include but not be limited to the guidelines in the EPA publication “Pest Control in the School Environment: Adopting Integrated Pest Management”.


B. Pesticide applications for wood destroying insects shall be applied by a structural pest control operator licensed under the provisions of R.S. 3:3368.


Added by Acts 1995, No. 237, § 1. Amended by Acts 2015, No. 311, § 1.