Title 9. Civil Code Ancillaries

Code Book I. Of Persons

Code Title V. Divorce

Chapter 1. Divorce

Part III. Child Custody

Subpart E. Relocating a Child’s Residence


9:355.1    Definitions


As used in this Subpart:


(1) “Principal residence of a child” means:


(a) The location designated by a court to be the primary residence of the child.


(b) In the absence of a court order, the location at which the parties have expressly agreed that the child will primarily reside.


(c) In the absence of a court order or an express agreement, the location, if any, at which the child has spent the majority of time during the prior six months.


(2) “Relocation” means a change in the principal residence of a child for a period of sixty days or more, but does not include a temporary absence from the principal residence.


Acts 2012, No. 627, § 1.