17:24.6        Writing courses for students in grades seven through twelve; pilot projects

  A. Prior to the beginning of the 1984-1985 school year, the Department of Education shall invite each public school in the state which includes grades seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, or twelve to submit to the department a proposal for a pilot project relative to students in those grades.

  B. The department shall consider and evaluate each proposal and recommend for approval by the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education from among those submitted and deemed eligible pursuant to Subsection D of this Section the maximum number of projects which can be funded from monies appropriated for this purpose. The State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education shall approve the projects to be funded. In making recommendations to the board for approval of projects for funding, the department shall evaluate each proposal on each of the following elements:

  (1) The probable education value. In evaluating for this element, the department shall seek the opinion of at least three persons who are expert in the field of writing or English education. The opinion of these experts shall be controlling with regard to this element unless there is no agreement among them. In such a case, the department shall make an independent judgment.

  (2) The probable cost effectiveness of the use of money.

  (3) The potential for improving the quality of written expression among students in grades seven through twelve if the project were to be implemented on a statewide basis.

  C. The schools which submit proposals which are selected for funding shall each receive, through the department from monies appropriated for the purpose, the amount of money requested in their project proposal to implement the pilot project during the 1984-1985 school year.

  D. The proposals for projects to be eligible for selection for funding as provided in this Section shall contain at a minimum:

  (1) A statement of the needs the project is intended to address.

  (2) A statement of anticipated results and the basis upon which such results are expected.

  (3) A specific outline of implemental steps.

  (4) A detailed plan for staff usage.

  (5) A detailed budget for expending the monies granted.

  (6) A detailed explanation of and plan for evaluation of the project results.

  E. Each school awarded monies under this Section shall implement its project during the 19841985 school year and provide to the department a thorough written review of the project including documentation of how the money awarded under this Section was spent, its results, and the recommendations of the school with regard to the project prior to July 1, 1985. Each school shall return to the department any of the money awarded pursuant to this Section that is unspent or reimburse the department for any money the expenditure of which is undocumented.

Added by Acts 1984, No. 285, Sec. 1, eff. July 1, 1984.