Title 17. Education

Chapter 1. General School Law

Part I. Elementary and Secondary Education

Subpart B. Superintendent of Education

17:24.9    Quality early reading initiative; legislative findings; development; criteria; implementation; evaluation


A. The legislature recognizes that reading is the most important academic skill and the foundation for all academic learning. The legislature further recognizes that if our children cannot read then they are on the road to failure. It is for these reasons that the legislature finds that teaching children to read must be the highest priority of the state. It is therefore the purpose of this initiative to provide for and enhance quality reading programs for the young students in our state. 


B. The state Department of Education shall develop a comprehensive and balanced early childhood reading initiative for students in kindergarten through third grade. The department shall provide criteria that are research-based and which provide, at a minimum, for the following: 


(1) A program that is applicable for all students in kindergarten through third grade including special education students. 


(2) A method for selecting schools having students who are economically disadvantaged as defined by the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education and low-performing students in kindergarten through third grade. 


(3) A plan for the coordination of this initiative with existing programs and funding sources within the schools and school systems. 


(4) A valid evaluation process. 


(5) A program that provides phonics as a component. 


C. Repealed by Acts 2018, No. 307, § 2


D. This initiative shall be evaluated through the state-level assessment system that identifies those schools and school systems which are meeting state standards of school accountability. 


E. This program shall be implemented when funds are allocated for this purpose. Such funding shall be allocated to every city and parish school system.


Added by Acts 1997, No. 1441, § 1, eff. July 15, 1997. Amended by Acts 2018, No. 307, § 1.