17:399        Program for remedial education; distribution of funds to local city and parish school boards; regulations

  A. To be eligible to receive funds under this Part, a city or parish school board shall describe in writing its proposed remedial education program as set forth in its pupil progression plan according to regulations adopted by the state board. The description shall include all remedial instruction and proposals for program improvement. Proposals shall include a narrative
which shall incorporate the following:

  (1) A statement of the educational objectives and how they are determined.

  (2) The student population to be served and the selection criteria to be used.

  (3) The methodologies to be utilized in meeting the educational problems.

  (4) A description of the course content to be taught.

  (5) A detailed budget including excess costs above regular programs.

  (6) An evaluation plan encompassing both the educational process and the extent of growth and achievement evidenced by pupils.

  B. The programs provided by funds received under this Part shall meet the following criteria:

  (1) The program is based on performance objectives related to educational achievement in grade appropriate skills addressed through the statewide curriculum standards for required subjects, and provides supplementary services designed to meet the educational needs of each participating student.

  (2) The program is evaluated according to regulations approved by the state board.

  (3) The state and local funds expended in the program shall be accounted for separately from all other funds expended by the city or parish school board. Expenditures shall be reported as a categorical program in the manner prescribed by the state board.

  (4) The program shall be coordinated with locally funded or federally funded, or both, remedial education programs, but shall remain as a separate remedial program to be funded by the state.

  (5) Each pupil progression plan shall contain an assurance that the use of grant funds will not result in a decrease in the use for educationally deprived children of state, local, or federal funds which, in the absence of funds under the remedial education program, have been made available for the education of such children. No project under the remedial education program shall be approved unless the state funds for the remedial education program will not be used to supplant other state, local, or federal funds being used for the education of such students.

Acts 1986, No. 698, Sec. 1, eff. June 1, 1987.