17:428      Supervisors, principals, teachers and other employees prohibited from serving on employing school board; service on neighboring or other school board

  A. After July 27, 1960 no supervisor, principal or teacher or any other school employee of any school board in this state shall be eligible to serve as a member of the board employing such person; however, such person shall be eligible to serve on any other parish or city school board if duly elected or appointed thereto. Whenever any supervisor, principal, teacher or other school employee is elected as a member of any parish or city school board or accepts any appointment to fill an unexpired term thereon and such board is his employer, he shall immediately submit his resignation to his employing board of which he is now a member. Should any such person fail to submit his resignation, the position he holds under such employing board shall be declared vacated by the taking of the oath of office as a member of the employing board. No resignation shall be required of any supervisor, principal, teacher, or other school employee because of his election or appointment to a parish or city school board of which he is not an employee.

  B. The provisions of this Section shall not apply to any person holding office on July 27, 1960 until the end of the terms of such persons nor to any person who takes office on or before February 1, 1961.

  C. School bus drivers in parishes with population not exceeding sixteen thousand may at the same time serve as a member of the school board.

Added by Acts 1960, No. 437, Secs. 1, 2. Amended by Acts 1966, No. 439, Sec. 1; Acts 1970, No. 387, Sec. 1.