17:1682      Children of firefighters; definitions

  A. The term "firefighters" shall include (1) all persons employed or engaged on a full-time basis by a governmental subdivision of the State of Louisiana, including any parish or fire protection district, which maintains a full-time regularly paid firefighting force, for firefighting or fire protection duties and services, and (2) all persons engaged as firefighters in firefighting, or fire protection duties and services as a member of a volunteer fire department in any parish or fire protection district, including operators of a fire alarm system when such operators are members of the regularly constituted or volunteer fire department, and including those secretarial and clerical employees and mechanics who are killed in the course and scope of the performance of the duties of a firefighter and are subject to any firefighters' civil service law as established by the constitution or laws of the state of Louisiana.

  B. "College or university" means any institution of post secondary education situated in this state, operated by an agency, board or other body created by the constitution or laws of this state, operated in whole or in part with funds appropriated for that purpose by the legislature and authorized to confer degrees in the arts and sciences.

  C. "Room and board charges" means the fee or charge for lodging, quarters or food furnished by a college or university, on its campus, and for which a regular and periodic charge is made to all students availing themselves of such services.

  D. "Books" means text books, reference books, manuals or other aids to instruction which are required to be purchased by a student in a given course of study.

  E. "Semester" means a regularly fixed period of instruction for which credit is given whether a semester, quarter, trimester or otherwise.

  F. "Child" means the offspring of a firefighter or his spouse living in the same household with and dependent upon the firefighter for support and the offspring of a firefighter dependent upon him for support, whether or not living in the same household.

  G. "Performance of duties as a firefighter" means activities directly related to duties relating to civil disorders, hurricanes and fighting active fires.

Added by Acts 1974, No. 262, Sec. 1.