17:1993      Implementation of career education by board and department

  To accomplish the goals set forth in R.S. 17:1992, the board in cooperation with other educational institutions and the department shall implement career education by planning, executing, and administering plans for, but not limited to, the following:

  (1) The development of professional skills in career education by pre-service training of teachers and counselors and by inservice training of teachers, counselors, administrators and supportive service personnel for which the board may utilize personnel and facilities of the institutions of higher learning that are under its jurisdiction, and may participate in cooperative programs for the same purpose with other institutions of higher learning.

  (2) Allocation of vocational-technical teachers throughout the various levels and throughout the system of career education.

  (3) Writing or revising the handbook for school administration.

  (4) Printing of curricula and printing of guidelines therefor.

  (5) Higher levels of training for career students at the institutions of higher learning, including one and two-year certificate and associate degree programs in technical and paraprofessional fields of study.

  (6)(a) Development of a program and a set of guidelines for assessment and evaluation of the performance of teaching and administrative personnel. The guidelines shall be reviewed by the House Committee on Education and the Senate Committee on Education of the Louisiana Legislature. Such guidelines shall include but not be limited to the following:

  (i) The establishment of criteria of expected teaching performance in each area of teaching and of techniques for the assessment and evaluation of that performance.

  (ii) Assessment and evaluation of competence of teachers as it relates to the established criteria.

  (iii) The establishment of criteria and the assessment of the performance of administrative personnel.

  (iv) Job descriptions for all teachers and administrators, such job descriptions to include a list of all duties.

  (b) The superintendent, under the direction of the board, shall implement the assessment and evaluation program for all teachers and administrative personnel and shall determine the methodology, procedures, documentation, records, right of appeal, and reports required in connection with such program. The office of vocational programs shall provide such assistance for the program as the superintendent shall direct.

Added by Acts 1984, No. 504, Sec. 1.

  (7) Determination of current manpower needs for industry and business in each region as established in R.S. 17:1994 for the purpose of determining curricula for the schools in that region. For the purpose of making such determination, the board shall require each regional director to establish a working relationship with local economic development councils, the State Board of Commerce and Industry, and the Department of Labor to determine local manpower needs on a current basis in the region and to develop curricula and programs to meet those needs. Such determination shall be made on a current basis, and the office of vocational programs shall establish a model for such determination.

Added by Acts 1984, No. 504, Sec. 1.

  (8) Development of a mobile training system for the purpose of providing training in vocational-technical programs and courses in areas with a demonstrated need for such programs and courses. The office of vocational programs shall provide such assistance in the development of the system as the superintendent shall direct.

Added by Acts 1984, No. 504, Sec. 1.

  (9) Studying the feasibility of establishment of additional area and branch schools. Any such study shall include information on manpower needs, the most efficient way of meeting those needs, and information on the availability of training in existing schools and space in state owned buildings or the availability of state owned property for the establishment of such schools.

Added by Acts 1984, No. 504, Sec. 1.

Added by Acts 1973, No. 208, Sec. 3. Amended by Acts 1984, No. 504, Sec. 1.