Title 17. Education

Chapter 18. Louisiana Student College and Career Readiness Act


17:2930       Collaboration with business and industry; coordination with workforce needs


A. The State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, the Department of Education, the Board of Regents, and the postsecondary education management boards shall work with the designated representative from the Louisiana Workforce Commission to facilitate the identification of regional and state workforce needs and work-based educational and training opportunities and to ensure coordination in the delivery of career and technical education across all educational agencies and institutions. 


B. Every city, parish, and other local public school board shall convene biannual public meetings with representatives of career and technical education advisory committees, local workforce development boards, and colleges and universities in their region to discuss regional workforce needs and the educational, training, and work-based learning opportunities that should be provided to students to meet both individual and workforce needs. 


C. The State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education shall expand existing programs that recruit and train individuals with experience and skills in business and industry, but with no prior teaching experience, to teach courses in the public schools in their specific area of expertise; provided that utilizing such instructional personnel does not prevent the full articulation and transfer of credit for students who complete such courses. 


D. (1) The Louisiana Workforce Commission shall update its website, at least annually, to include information on high-demand, high-wage jobs pursuant to R.S. 23:76(C)(8)(b) and shall provide a link to the updated information to the state Department of Education. 


(2) The state Department of Education shall prominently display the link to the information on its website and shall disseminate the link to each city, parish, and other local public school board. 


(3) Each city, parish, and other local public school board shall require each public middle school and high school under its jurisdiction to prominently display the link on its website. 


Added by Acts 2009, No. 257, § 1, eff. July 1, 2009. Amended by Acts 2010, No. 861, § 8; Acts 2015, No. 426, § 1; Acts 2020, No. 238, § 1, eff. June 11, 2020.