Title 17. Education

Chapter 22. Able Account Program for Disability-Related Expenses


17:3087         ABLE account funds; treatment under certain federal assistance programs


In accordance with Section 103 of Title I of Division B of Public Law 113-295, for the purpose of determining eligibility to receive, or the amount of, any assistance or benefit authorized to be provided to or for the benefit of a designated beneficiary by a means-tested federal assistance program, the following amounts shall be disregarded for such purpose with respect to any period during which the beneficiary maintains, makes contributions to, or receives distributions from an ABLE account: 


(1) Any amount, including earnings thereon, in the ABLE account of the designated beneficiary. 


(2) Any contributions to the ABLE account of the designated beneficiary. 


(3) Any distribution from the ABLE account for a qualified disability expense. 


Added by Acts 2016, No. 604, ยง 1.