Title 17. Education

Chapter 24-a. Proprietary Schools


17:3140.4       Licenses; minimum standards; duration


A. No applicant shall be issued a license pursuant to this Chapter until the board has first determined that the school substantially complies with the following: 


(1) The school’s instructors have the following qualifications: 


(a) In an academic course, an instructor shall, at a minimum, possess a baccalaureate degree from a bona fide accredited college or university and demonstrate appropriate familiarity with the subject matter taught. 


(b) In a technical or occupational course, an instructor shall possess, at a minimum, a bona fide high school diploma or its equivalent; a certificate, diploma, license, other degree, or documented evidence of on-the-job training in the area taught; and a minimum of four years of documented occupational experience in the area taught. 


(2) All advertising and representations made on behalf of the school to prospective students are truthful and free from misrepresentation and fraud. 


(3) Any dormitory or eating facility provided by the school or for which the school has contracted services is clean, healthful, safe, and adequate for the number of students served and adequately supervised at all times. 


(4) The premises and conditions under which the students work or study are sanitary, healthful, and safe according to the standards set forth by the Louisiana Department of Health. 


(5) Prior to enrollment, the student has been provided a written statement of total tuition charges, required fees, all charges for books, equipment, and supplies, and any applicable charges for housing. If housing is not furnished, a statement to that effect shall also be included. 


(6) The school adheres to the tuition refund schedule established by the board. The refund schedule shall be included in the enrollment contract or agreement and may include an administrative or registration fee for the school that shall not exceed one hundred fifty dollars. 


(7) The school is equipped and able at all times to comply with its contractual relationships with a student. 


(8) The facilities, class instruction rooms, housing quarters, and eating facilities are at all reasonable times open to inspection by the commissioner of higher education, authorized staff of the board, the commission, its members and staff, or designated agents and the representatives of the Louisiana Department of Health. 


(9) All equipment furnished is representative of that customarily used within the industry for which the student is training. 


(10) The school provides evidence that it meets local and state guidelines and standards, relative to zoning, occupational licensure, health, and safety. 


B. The board shall act on all applications for licensure within sixty days after receipt of the completed application and all supporting materials required by the board. A license shall be valid only for the school and programs for which it is issued and shall not include other schools or branches operated by the owner. 


C. (1) Each license shall be valid for not more than one year from the date of issuance and may be renewed thereafter for a period to be determined by the board or until revoked for cause by the board. The effective date of the first license renewal shall be established by the board. 


(2) Each license shall be assigned a number. 


(3) Each school shall prominently display its licenses on the school’s premises. 


Added by Acts 2019, No. 437, § 1.