17:3228      Learning centers; authorization

A. The Board of Regents may establish learning centers designed to develop and use consortia of existing institutions of post-secondary education to provide comprehensive offerings of college courses and programs in Louisiana Economic Development Districts 3 and 5, those service delivery areas of the state which have no public community college and are not adequately provided with post-secondary education services. No learning center shall be established pursuant to the provisions of this Section in any economic development district in which a public community college exists unless the establishment of the learning center is approved by adoption of a concurrent resolution by the legislature. Any funding necessary for the operation of a learning center established pursuant to the provisions of this Section shall be subject to a specific appropriation for this purpose.

B. (1) The Board of Regents shall provide for the operation, management, and supervision of the learning centers and ensure the cost effective delivery of courses and programs through the use of existing institutions and their offerings.

(2) The Board of Regents may assign responsibility for management and supervision of a learning center to a management board, an individual institution, or a combination of institutions through the execution of a memorandum of understanding, agreement, or contract between the appropriate entities.

C. The Board of Regents may provide for the establishment, appointment, and operation of advisory councils to advise and make recommendations regarding program needs, operation of the centers, and related matters. Membership on such councils shall include substantial representation from the local communities where such learning centers are located.

Added by Acts 2001, No. 1132, 1, eff. June 28, 2001.