17:3229.1      Northeast Louisiana Delta Learning Center Advisory Board


     Text of section effective upon occurrence of contingencies in §§ 3 and 4 of Acts 2004, No. 721.  See italic notes, post.


A. There shall be a Northeast Louisiana Delta Learning Center Advisory Board comprised of one representative from the following entities:


(1) Lake Providence City Council.


(2) East Carroll Parish School Board.


(3) East Carroll Parish Police Jury.


(4) East Carroll Parish Chamber of Commerce.


(5) Tallulah City Council.


(6) Madison Parish School Board.


(7) Madison Parish Police Jury.


(8) Madison Parish Chamber of Commerce.


(9) The boards of aldermen of the towns of St. Joseph, Newellton, and Waterproof.


(10) Tensas Parish School Board.


(11) Tensas Parish Policy Jury.


(12) Tensas Parish Chamber of Commerce.


(13) East Carroll Port Commission.


(14) Madison Parish Port Commission.


(15) Louisiana Community and Technical College System.


(16) Louisiana Delta Community College.


(17) Louisiana Technical Community College--Tallulah/Lake Providence Branch.


(18) Louisiana Board of Regents.


(19) Louisiana Association of Educators.


(20) The senator representing Senate District No. 34 or designee.


(21) The representative representing House of Representatives District No. 21 or designee.


(22) The representative representing House of Representatives District No. 19 or designee.


(23) Northeast Louisiana Delta Community Development Corporation.


(24) Louisiana Delta Coalition for Education and Economic Development.


(25) Northeast Louisiana Delta Learning Center Commission Student Association.


(26) Louisiana Center Against Poverty.


B. Representatives to the advisory board shall be appointed or elected by each entity according to that entities' own processes and procedures and shall serve without compensation.  Representatives shall serve for a term of one year.  Representatives may serve more than one term, if elected or appointed by each individual body according to the body's own processes and procedures.  Vacancies occurring prior to the expiration of the term shall be filled by another representative elected or appointed by the same body which elected or appointed the original representative.  The advisory board shall elect from its membership a chairperson and other positions as it deems necessary to carry out its duties.


C. The advisory board shall provide advice, input, and information to the Board of Regents for the purpose of assisting the board in reaching its goals for implementation of the learning center.  The advisory board shall meet at least quarterly for the first year, and thereafter with such frequency as it determine s necessary.  The advisory board shall keep a record of its meetings, resolutions, transactions, studies, and findings, which shall be a public record.  All meetings of the advisory board shall be subject to the laws relative to open meetings of public bodies, R.S. 42:11 et seq.


Added by Acts 2004, No. 721, § 1.