17:3229. Northeast Delta Learning Center


Text of section effective upon occurrence of contingencies in §§ 3 and 4 of Acts 2004, No. 721.  See italic notes, post.


A. The Board of Regents shall be responsible for the management and supervision of the Northeast Delta Learning Center.


B. In managing and supervising the Northeast Delta Learning Center, the Board of Regents shall have the following duties, responsibilities, and powers:


(1) The board may request and accept monies both private and public to further the purposes of the learning center, including but not limited to planning, acquisition, and development.  The board shall employ a director and establish compensation and terms of employment.  The board shall authorize the director to employ and supervise such other employees as are necessary to carry out the functions of the learning center.  The board shall provide for the effective and efficient management of the learning center whose purpose is to provide the region with comprehensive educational services and assist in building a seamless education system in the Northeast Louisiana delta region.


(2) The board in coordination with the executive director and staff members shall implement educational enhancement services, including but not limited to:


(a) Educational services for students including GED courses, remedial education, and training and preparation for advanced degrees.


(b) Educational support and enhancement for local school districts, including teacher certification courses, on-going instruction method workshops and classes, and curriculum development training and assistance.


(c) Specialized programs for students with mental and/or learning disabilities.


(d) Workforce development that operates in coordination with local and statewide economic development needs and opportunities, including training and courses in health care, cosmetology, technology and communications.


(e) Serving as an incubator for small businesses.


(f) Serving as the location for the consolidation of Tallulah High School and Reuben McCall Senior High School of the Madison Parish school system.


(3) The board shall ensure that all courses and curriculum are in accordance with state and federal educational standards.  The board shall be guided in its efforts by the advice, input, and information provided by the Northeast Louisiana Delta Learning Center Advisory Board.


(4) The Board of Regents shall provide for educational courses through an individual institution, or a combination of institutions through the execution of a memorandum of understanding, agreement, or contract between the appropriate entities.


Added by Acts 2004, No. 721, § 1.