17:3367      Authority to execute mineral leases on college and university lands;  term;  use of revenues


A. Each board is authorized to execute and fix the terms and conditions of oil, gas and mineral leases upon any lands owned in whole or in part by the board or held by it for the use and benefit of any college or university under its supervision and management for the purpose of exploration, development, drilling and mining for oil, gas and other minerals in accordance with the provisions of Article IX, Sections 4 and 5 of the 1974 Constitution of the state of Louisiana.


B. Each lease sought to be executed under authority of this Section shall require the prior approval of the State Mineral and Energy Board.


C. (1) Revenues from oil, gas, and mineral leases executed by each board as authorized in Subsection A of this Section shall be allocated to the board which executed the lease, or its successor, and shall be used by the recipient board solely for the benefit of the college or university located on the leased properties.  As to each such college or university, these revenues shall be in addition to any other revenues or funds appropriated or otherwise provided for or available to the college or university, and in no case shall any of these revenues be computed or considered by the division of administration or otherwise in determining the amounts to be appropriated to or for the college or university in the general appropriation act or any other act, and in no case shall these revenues, or any part of them, be computed or considered in determination of the allocation of funds under the Board of Regents appropriation formula for higher education.


(2) The revenues received under this Subsection for a college or university shall be used for the following purposes:


(a) To alleviate safety hazards and other bona fide emergency conditions.


(b) To make needed major repairs to buildings, grounds, streets, and parking lots, purchase land, and upgrade utility systems of that institution.


(c) For new capital construction or capital acquisitions.


(d) For establishment of permanent endowment funds from which investment earnings are used for scholarships or as salaries or a supplement for salaries or for other expenses directly related to scholarly work for faculty members at the college or university.


(e) For other operating expenses upon approval of the appropriate public postsecondary education management board.


(3) In order to ensure that the highest priority shall be given to the projects aimed at preserving and improving existing facilities, the Board of Regents shall recommend priorities for emergencies and major repairs required on the college and university campuses.


Added by Acts 1975, No. 313, § 2, eff. July 17, 1975.  Amended by Acts 1976, No. 474, § 1;  Acts 1991, No. 897, § 1;  Acts 2009, No. 196, § 1, eff. July 1, 2009;  Acts 2010, No. 395, § 1.