Title 17. Education

Chapter 28. Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium for Research and Education


17:3456         Annual report; master plan


A. The board, in consultation with the Science and Education Advisory Council, shall formulate a five-year master plan for the consortium’s marine science and education programs and initiatives and shall make timely revisions to such plan as warranted and necessary. 


B. On or before December thirty-first of each year, the executive director shall submit an annual report of the activities of the consortium to the board together with any additional information the board may require. 


Added by Acts 1979, No. 557, § 1. Amended by Acts 1995, No. 1243, § 1, eff. June 29, 1995; Acts 2012, No. 768, § 1; Acts 2016, No. 314, § 1(A).