17:3774      Mentors; qualifications; selection

  A. To be a mentor, a teacher shall have all of the following qualifications:

  (1) Be willing and able to serve as a mentor to any new teacher to whom he is assigned.

  (2) Hold a regular Louisiana teaching certificate.

  (3) Have taught for a minimum of ten years in the public schools in this state.

  (4) Have taught a minimum of three years in the system in which he becomes a mentor.

  (5) Hold a master's degree.

  (6) Have successfully completed at least a three credit hour college course in supervision of instruction or supervision of student teaching.

  (7) Be certified to teach in the same areas as the new teacher to be assisted.

  B. To be named a mentor, the faculty's recommendation shall be made to the superintendent who shall recommend to the local school board that such person be named a mentor. The status of mentor requires the approval of the system.

Added by Acts 1986, No. 713, Sec. 1.