17:3775      Program evaluation

  A. The program shall be thoroughly evaluated in each parish immediately following its conclusion by a team which shall be comprised as follows:

  (1) One system member, selected by the system.

  (2) The superintendent.

  (3) One teacher, other than a participant, selected by the largest teacher organization in the local school system.

  (4) The teacher mentor.

  (5) The new teacher.

  (6) The principal of the school in which the program was piloted.

  B. The team shall acquire and document as much information as possible from the participating new teacher, mentor, and principal about their reactions to the program, its value, means to improve it, and recommendations with regard to its continuation. Information shall also be solicited from other members of the faculty and staff in the participating school, particularly the experiences of other new teachers.

  C. The team shall formulate a report on the experience of the Professional Growth Program in their parish in which the team shall make recommendations concerning the continuation, expansion, or termination of the program. The report shall be forwarded to the department which shall present the reports of all participating parishes to the board along with any recommendations the department wishes to make.

  D. The board shall, not later than the beginning of the 1992 Regular Session of the Legislature, make a recommendation to the legislature about whether the program should be continued, expanded, or terminated.

Added by Acts 1986, No. 713, Sec. 1. Amended by Acts 1988, No. 722, Sec. 1; Acts 1990, No. 985, Sec. 1.