17:3932      Powers and duties

   A. The office shall:

   (1) Coordinate all state and local adult literacy services.

   (2) Work with the commissioner of administration, the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, the Departments of Education, Public Safety and Corrections, Labor, Economic Development, and Social Services, the office of state library in the Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism, the office of elderly affairs in the office of the governor, and all other agencies, departments and offices deemed necessary to establish appropriate literacy programs.

   (3) Make recommendations for the budgeting, allocation, and appropriation of funds for all state literacy efforts and allocate all private funds made available to the office of literacy.

   (4) Survey adult literacy needs and monitor and document how those needs are addressed.

   (5) Evaluate and report annually to the legislature on the efficacy of adult literacy service providers, particularly detailing the receipt and disbursement of all funds appropriated to the office.

   (6) Make recommendations to the governor, the legislature, and other policymakers concerning adult literacy.

   B. The office may:

   (1) Receive, accept, and expend any funds made available to the office.

   (2) Appear as, or act in any other capacity as, an advocate for the cause of adult literacy, including addressing the legislature and any other agencies or bodies.

   (3) Adopt and promulgate rules as necessary pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act. Such rules shall include but need not be limited to procedures for the office of literacy to review and comment on all requests by state agencies for funding outside of state government for literacy efforts.

   (4) Assist the private, statewide literacy foundation or any other governmental or non-governmental entity with promoting the cause of adult literacy.

   (5) Establish and provide support for such advisory committees as is deemed useful or necessary.

Added by Acts 1989, No. 88, Sec. 1, eff. June 16, 1989.