17:3980      Reports

 A. (1) Any local school board participating in the demonstration program shall report to the state board on the effectiveness of the charter schools within the system by July first of each year.

 (2) Any charter school participating in the demonstration program shall provide a comprehensive report to the local school board at the end of the third year. If the charter school is achieving its stated goals and objectives pursuant to its approved charter, then the local school board shall extend the duration of the charter for the additional two year period as provided in R.S. 17:3975(N).

 B. The state board shall review information regarding the laws, regulations and policies from which charter schools were exempt pursuant to this Chapter to determine if the exemptions assisted or impeded the charter schools in meeting their stated goals and objectives.

 C. The state board shall report to the governor and to the Senate and House Committees on Education no later than January 1, 2001 on its findings including recommendations to modify, expand, or terminate the approach.

 D. In preparing the report required by this Section, the state board shall compare the performance of charter school pupils with the performance of ethnically and economically comparable groups of pupils in other schools who are enrolled in academically comparable courses, including a fiscal and programmatic analysis based on the total per pupil funding in each charter school in relation to the total per pupil funding in the respective local public school system that has been invested in instruction.

Added by Acts 1995, No. 192, Sec. 1, eff. June 14, 1995.