Title 17. Education

Chapter 43. School Choice Scholarships

Part I. Student Scholarships for Educational Excellence Program


17:4012       Legislative findings


The legislature finds and declares that: 


(1) It is in the public interest that all Louisiana schoolchildren receive the best education that its citizens can provide, and the state of Louisiana has the right, responsibility, duty, and obligation to accomplish the objective of quality education for all Louisiana children. 


(2) Attendance of children at nonpublic schools constitutes compliance with the objectives of Louisiana’s compulsory attendance law; nonpublic schools in Louisiana make a significant educational and economic contribution towards meeting the goal of a quality education for every Louisiana school child; and Louisiana has recognized and encouraged that contribution through providing textbooks and transportation to students attending approved nonpublic schools for many decades. 


(3) Effective nonpublic schools exist in Louisiana’s school systems. 


(4) Nonpublic schools can offer a quality education to students and it is in the public interest to offer students in all systems the means of accessing the educational opportunities offered by nonpublic schools by providing them with scholarships to attend such schools. 


(5) Academically acceptable public schools can serve as quality alternatives for students attending low-performing public schools. 


(6) It is the intent of this Part to create additional options for all children, including those with special needs or requiring special education services. 


(7) Any delay in implementation of this Part would work to the detriment of children. 


Added by Acts 2008, No. 509, § 1, eff. June 25, 2008. Amended by Acts 2010, No. 861, § 8; Acts 2012, No. 2, § 1; Acts 2019, No. 21, § 1.