Title 39. Public Finance

Subtitle III. General Laws on State Debt

Chapter 17. Louisiana Procurement Code

Part III. Source Selection and Contract Formation

Subpart A. Methods of Source Selection


39:1593      Methods of source selection


Unless otherwise authorized by law, all state contracts shall be awarded by one of the following methods:


(1) R.S. 39:1594, competitive sealed bids.


(2) R.S. 39:1595, competitive sealed proposals.


(3) R.S. 39:1596, small purchases.


(4) R.S. 39:1597, sole source.


(5) R.S. 39:1598, emergency procurements.


(6) R.S. 39:1600, other procurement methods:


(a) Unstable market conditions.


(b) Group purchasing.


(c) Used equipment.


(d) Reverse auctions.


(e) Negotiation of noncompetitive contracts.


Acts 2014, No. 864, ยง 2, eff. Jan. 1, 2015.