42:14      Meetings of public bodies to be open to the public


A. Every meeting of any public body shall be open to the public unless closed pursuant to R.S. 42:16, 17, or 18.


B. Each public body shall be prohibited from utilizing any manner of proxy voting procedure, secret balloting, or any other means to circumvent the intent of this Chapter.


C. All votes made by members of a public body shall be viva voce and shall be recorded in the minutes, journal, or other official, written proceedings of the body, which shall be a public document.


D. Except school boards, which shall be subject to R.S. 42:15, each public body conducting a meeting which is subject to the notice requirements of R.S. 42:19(A) shall allow a public comment period at any point in the meeting prior to action on an agenda item upon which a vote is to be taken.  The governing body may adopt reasonable rules and restrictions regarding such comment period.


Redesignated from R.S. 42:5 by Acts 2010, No. 861, § 23.  Added by Acts 1952, No. 484, § 1.  Amended by Acts 1976, No. 665, § 1;  Acts 1977, No. 707, § 1;  Acts 1978, No. 456, § 1;  Acts 1979, No. 681, § 1;  Acts 1981, Ex.Sess., No. 21, § 1, eff. Nov. 19, 1981;  Acts 1989, No. 55, § 1;  Acts 2001, No. 285, § 1;  Acts 2010, No. 850, § 1.